Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder

Phyllostachys pubescens Characteristics: Strong toughness, elastic, healthy and environmental protection

Item Pictures Item Description
Nam Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder
Material Bamboo, walnut wood with Ndfeb Magnet
Front Length 29.8cm
Front width 27.5cm
Height 24.5cm
Gross Weight 1.95kg
Certification FDA
Installation mode Flat-wise
Application Dining room, Kitchen, Commercial Kitchen

product feature

1.Choosing natural phyllostachys pubescens, environmental and healthy.

2.Clear texture, overall comfortable feeling.

3.Elaborating,superior workmanship,easy and convenient to install.

4.There are waterproof pads at the bottom to avoid the water ponding in the kitchen.

5.Customizing is warm welcome and applicable.


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