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Flexible Magnetic sheet


Plastic & Rubber Magnet Series

Plastic & Rubber Magnet is a kind of soft and elastic magnet. It is compound of rubber (NBR or CPE) and ferrite power. It has the following features

1: high magnetic property than normal sintered isotropic ferrite

2: easy to design in various shapes such as slicing, drilling and rolling

3: with density3.6-3.8g/cm3

4: easy processing for sizes and shapes

Builds awareness and sales through a permanent presence.
Powerful Marketing tool and a great give-away.
They are inexpensive and durable. Lasts up to 8 years.
People don’t throw Magnetic livenve disks away. They leave them on their Windscreens for years at a time.

The magnetic strip seals are very stable and have good elasticity, resistant to demagnetization, weather, corrosion and migration. The magnetic, flakes and strips have smooth surfaces and high magnetism, are best mated parts of toys, decoration and magnetic health care products; can be used in Export-Marketed toys and micro-motors and others.

Magnetic strip is a permanent flexible magnetic material available in strip and extrusion forms;    standard or custom manufactured to satisfy specific processing requirements. Flexible magnetic strips provide an alternative material for printing, signage, holding, and fastening applications.

Applications include latches or catches, gaskets, door seals, tool holders, and holding fixtures. For signs, charts, displays, shelf labeling, and novelties, they are a reusable alternative to adhesive or fasteners. They can also be used in switches or sensing devices or to dampen noise and vibration.
Magnetic strips come in various widths ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches and thicknesses ranging from 0.030 inches to 0.25 inches. They can be supplied in lengths of 50 feet or 100 feet coils. For easy mounting the magnetic strips can be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing or foam tape backing on one side for more bonding strength. In some applications these magnets are also provided with steel backing to increase the holding power. A common method of manufacturing magnetic strips is by extrusion.

Flexible materials offer the product designer a uniquely desirable combination of properties at lower cost than other magnet materials. The flexibility and machinability of these materials permit design innovations and automated manufacturing techniques not possible with rigid or brittle materials.

Flexible materials can be bent, twisted, coiled, punched, and otherwise machined into almost any shape without loss of magnetic energy.

Higher energy flexible materials may sometimes replace Ceramic 1 materials, if close tolerances are not required, and if operating temperatures are below about 250F. Standard grades of flexible materials have energy products from 0.6 MGOe to 1.6 MGOe.

Manufacturing Methods

Extrusion: to produce materials in strip form (from about 1/4" to 10" wide)


Calendering: to produce materials in sheet form (up to about 24" wide)

For both methods, the first step is to form a "compound", which is a wet slurry of powder in the binder material.

Extrusion involves squeezing heated compound through a shaped die, cooling the shaped material as it exits the die, and magnetizing the material. The standard grade materials are only magnetic on one side.

Calendering involves squeezing the compound between rollers to compress and flatten it to form a sheet. The sheet is fed through sets of rollers several times until it reaches the desired thickness. It is then slit to the desired width and magnetized. The standard grade materials are only magnetic on one side. 
Shapes, Sizes, and Grades Available

Standard stocked shapes include strip and sheet in the lower energy grades, strip and a variety of punched parts in ring, disc, and bar shapes in the higher energy grades. Non-standard shapes and sizes can be fabricated to blueprint specifications from raw stock. Non-standard profiles of the 0.6 MGOe material can be extruded by fabricating special dies.

Assemblies using metal or other components and magnets can be fabricated by adhering magnets with adhesives to suit a range of environments, by mechanically fastening magnets, or by a combination of these methods. We are able to laminate a variety of standard pressure sensitive adhesives to magnetic strip. Standard adhesives are type "A", for general purpose indoor use, and type "T", for general purpose outdoor use. Type "T" adhesives are formulated for greater resistance to UV effects.

Surface Treatments

No surface treatments are required to protect against corrosion. We are able to laminate a variety of decorative facings to magnetic strip,such as PVC( white PVC, matte white-PVC, and gloss white-PVC and color PVC, such as red, yellow, black, brown, etc),self adhesive(standard adhesive and 3M adhesive), and UV.


Flexible materials are relatively easy to fabricate: they may be cut, scored, punched, slit,or die cut to shape. We are equipped to fabricate these materials to specification.

Magnetizing and Handling

Low energy flexible magnets are magnetized with multiple poles on one surface to give greater holding force. Higher energy flexible magnets are magnetized either multiple pole, or single pole on one surface. No special handling precautions have to be taken with flexible magnets since they are relatively weak magnetically, and are not brittle.

Temperature Effects

Magnetic properties of flexible magnets degrade linearly with temperature in the same way as Ceramic magnets. However, the limiting factor for flexible magnets are the binder materials used to render them flexible: these begin to flow at temperatures of about 250F.
Common Applications for Flexible Magnets

Flexible magnets are used in a variety of applications from labeling, holding, door gaskets, and signs, to micromotors and CRT focusing. Typical applications: crafts, toys, games, magnetic signs, displays, production control (or visual aid) systems, warehouse shelf labeling, door gaskets, door and cabinet closures, small tool and instrument holders, movable markers, advertising premiums, magnetic business cards, architectural planning layouts, etc.

Physical Charasteristics

Specific gravity : 3.6

Hardness : Shore D35

Tensile strength : 58~78 kg/ cm2


Magnetic Properties

Maximum energy product: 0.63~0.73 MGOe

Residual induction br: 1600 Gauss

Coercive force hc: 1250 Oersteds

How are Flexible Magnets Made?
A dry mixture of ferrite powder and rubber polymer resin is mixed, calendered and ground; then formed either by extrusion (for magnetic strip) or rollers (for magnetic sheeting). The material is then magnetized, laminated with vinyl or adhesive, cut to size, rolled onto a core, and boxed for shipment.

When is Flexible a Good Choice?
Flexible magnets are the least expensive by volume and most pliable permanent magnet material when compared to ceramic (ferrite), alnico or rare earth magnets. They perform well in a wide variety of simple applications for home, school, shop and office. They are lightweight, flat, easy to print on and easy to cut with scissors, knife or die. Also, they are ideal for advertising specialties and lightweight holding applications.

 Powerful -Flexible magnetic is supersaturated with magnetism in a multiple pole magnetization pattern, so its magnetic strength is evenly distributed across the surface. The thicker the material, the greater the strength. Permanent magnetism is guaranteed as long as the material is not subjected to a demagnetizing force.

Durable - magnetic strip  is easy to maintain and safe for finished surfaces. It contains no oils or plasticizers that can cause cracking, drying out or surface migration.

Safe - The material is lead-free and barium-free, making it a non-toxic substrate that is safe to work with.

Machinable - flexible magnets is easily drilled or cut with scissors, knife, die or punch to fit your application.

Temperature Range - flexible magnets is designed to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures from -40ºF to 160ºF without demagnetizing.



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