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Iron Sheet Fridge Magnet






Structure: paper with printing+ metal sheet+ magnet in the back, its hard surface make your picture look perfect.

Application: Stick it on fridge door or other metal surface, your company logo can be printed on the surface

Size for magnet is upon request

Thickness of magnet sheet:0.5~1.0mm

Printing:1C,2C,4C is available

Photo magnet/ Iron Sheet Fridge Magnet is made up of iron sheet, paper card and magnetic sheet. The iron sheet would be folded and wrapped around the magnetic sheet and the paper card with the art paper to be printed with your designs.

Photo magnet/ Iron Sheet  fridge magnet is harder comparing with other kinds of fridge magnets, it has full color printing on the metal sheet. Photo magnet/ iron sheet fridge magnet is the best solution for souvenirs, many tourists keep the Photo magnet/ iron sheet fridge magnet with souvenirs in their file cabinets for a very long time, by which to offer a convenient way to retrieve famous scenic quickly for themselves and also for others.

Rubber Fridge Magnets with fashionable appearance and various designs are getting increasingly popular through the whole world!
Fridge Magnets are an effective and low cost way to attract new and existing customers.
No other form of advertising is kept as long and in such a prominent place as a refrigerator magnet, a refrigerator without fridge magnet is just a simple old refrigerator, without any fun! Flat fridge magnet is a kind of soft magnetic product, it have very soft surface which will not hurt the surface of refrigerator. You can have any color or any shape on fridge magnet you like.

Your Photos, Logos, Business Cards, Calendars, Recipes, Wedding Favours can be turned into a fridge magnet. We are able to print almost anything on to a fridge magnet. You may send your image as a Jpeg, EPS or PDF file, in an email attachment.

Currently, we have thermometer fridge magnets, photo fridge magnets, advertising fridge magnets, cartoon fridge magnets, Calendar fridge magnets, Business card magnet, magnets for cars and hundreds of other series.
If you are interested in our products, please immediately contact with us, we will offer you our best quality and warmest service to win your biggest smile.


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