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Magnet Photo Frame


Application: Stick it on fridge door or other metal surface, your company logo can be engraved on the surface

Size for magnet is upon request

thickness of magnet sheet:0.5~1.5mm,

Color:1C,2C,4C is available

The Magnetic photo frame is a very popular product, it is a good item not only for promotion, advertising but also the sale products for the store. It is the perfect way to stick photos onto the fridge or any metal face, you may easily change your lovely pictures wherever in your office or home. Additionally it is also widely used to display messages, the break center will attract your attention to the message directly.

People are always looking for ways to display photos of the people and memories they treasure most... what better way for your message to be remembered?

Using the magnetic photo frame, we can stick our family member or friends' photos on the fridge surface or memo board. The magnetic photo frames are one of the most popular magnetic products in family. Additionally, magnetic photo frames are the perfect way to display messages and memories! The break away centers make great note holders directing attention to your message.
Magnetic Photo Frames… with a personal touch.
It's not just an advertising premium... it's a gift they will use to show off the people they love!
Personal - Great gifts for family reunions, weddings, baby announcements and holiday greeting cards. Send a personal message to friends and family.
Protect and display your favorite photos with pride, right on the kitchen fridge in the most popular room in your house.
There are many ways to create your very own photo frame. This magnetic photo frame is a simple craft project that you can do with kids. Once the photo frame is complete, you can showcase your favorite pictures and hang them on your refrigerator at home, in a locker at school or on a filing cabinet in your office.

Custom printed magnetic photo frames keep your logo or message as well as a cherished photo displayed on any file cabinet, refrigerator or metal surface.

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