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Magnetic Bookmark

These Magnetic Bookmarks are for paper books not computers.
Each bookmark is folded, with a couple of magnets on the inside, hence 'Magnetic Bookmark'.
The idea is that, you slot one over your page, the magnets attract each other and stick together, tightly gripping the page. Even if you drop or shake the book, the bookmark won't fall out.
When you are feeling lazy, clip one sideways over the page. It'll even mark the line you are on. Which also works great for marking that line in the manual that you know you are going to have to read again....and again...
Works on knitting patterns too.

Magnetic bookmark is made by a folded magnetic sheet, a very hot item nowadays. It clips very hard to the page and never lose your bookmark or your marked page where we stop reading, meanwhile it can also be used as book clip and money clip.
Magnetic bookmark is very nice, lovely, practical, but is inexpensive to produce. Many companies, governments, schools prefer to make it with their own designs and send it as a promotion gift to their clients.
Magnetic bookmark is also a very popular promotion for study! It is a very low cost but innovative gift for church attendees and special events. If your customers are heavy readers, the bookmark will keep your product, service, or cause details right in front of their eyes for a long time.
The best tool when you' re reading,

It's a good idea and it works!


Structure: paper/synthetical paper/pvc with printing +magnetic sheet in the back

Application: Leave it on the page you stop reading, the upper and lower part can suck it there because of the two pieces of flexible magnet, you could easily find where you were last time, it's convenient and novel gift for your customers!

Size for magnet is upon request

thickness of magnet sheet:0.5~1.5mm,

Color:1C,2C,4C is available

Promote Reading and Promote Yourself
Our innovative design folds over the page, allowing the magnets to click in place on either side of the paper for a firm hold. Magnetic Bookmarks are used daily, making them a powerful marketing tool. Promote yourself while being useful.

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