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Neodymium-Iron-Boron(NdFeB) magnets are  recently developed magnetic materials in1980's, with magnetic characteristics far exceeding those of the Alnico and Ceramic/Ferrite types. They are alloys of the Rare Earth group of element-neodymium. The composition is Nd2Fe14B.

Offering the highest energy products ever available in production permanent magnet materials, NdFeB has been widely used in high performance stepper, DC, servo, and linear motors, actuators, loudspeakers, headphones, instrumentation, switches, relays, magnetic imaging for medical and geophysical applications, holding systems, magnetic bearings, magnetic couplings, hard disk drives, etc..

Magnets made from NdFeB ( Neodymium Iron Boron) are the most powerful permanent magnetic materials commercially available,

possesses high energy ranging from 8 MGOe to 50MGOe and wonderful coercive force. As the third generation of Rare Earth permanent magnet, NdFeB products are less brittle than SmCo, Nd-Fe-B magnet is widely used in motor, instrument, aviation and the high-tech field.

Neodymium magnets are highly susceptible to corrosion. We offer a variety of coating and plating options to prevent corrosion and mechanical damage, such as Metallic Zinc, Nickel, Nickel+Nickel, Copper+Nickel, Nickel+Copper+Nickel,Gold, Organic Epoxy, Nickel+Epoxy coating.

Super-Strength Rare Earth Magnet----Sintered NdFeB magnets, have the characteristics of :

  • Super strong Br Resident induction.

  • Excellent demagnetization resistance capability.

  • Good Price relative to its high magnetic properties.

  • Coating is needed for NdFeB (Painting, coating, or plating is therefore highly recommended for NdFeB. Plating NdFeB is a difficult process, and commercial plating houses are unlikely to be able to achieve plating with good adhesion. Nickel, Zinc, or Tin plating provides good corrosion resistance for NdFeB magnets. We are also able to cadmium chromate or aluminum chromate plate NdFeB using vacuum deposition techniques. A variety of organic coatings have also been successfully developed for NdFeB, exhibiting good corrosion resistance characteristics. For especially harsh environments, it may be advisable to use a combination of coating techniques, or to encapsulate the material in a sealed housing)

NdFeB are available in sintered as well as bonded forms. Sintered NdFeB parts however, will produce the highest magnetic properties. NdFeB is sensitive to heat and should not be used in the environments that exceed 200 degree centigrade. Bonded NdFeB are generally low in properties due to the special process of gluing the powder in a mold.  The sintered form usually some finishing operations in order to hold close mechanical tolerances.Although bonded magnets do not possess magnetic properties as advanced as those of sintered magnets, they can be made in shapes and sizes that are difficult to achieve with sintering.

NdFeB magnets are brittle (though not as brittle as the SmCo types), and machining operations should be performed prior to magnetization, using diamond tools. We are equipped to fabricate these materials to blueprint specifications.

All NdFeB magnets, except the bonded NdFeB material, are anisotropic, and can only be magnetized in the orientation direction. Bonded NdFeB material is isotropic and can be magnetized in any direction, and with multiple poles, although special magnetizing fixtures are required for this.

We are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of rare-earth permanent magnets, According to the customers request, we can produce all kinds of NdFeB magnets with different complicated shapes and get them magnetized with multi-poles. The products are widely used in motor, micromotor, computer, instrument, car, motorcycle, amera, watch, HiFi, electric appliances, office automation, toy, magnetic therapy and other fields of daily life.

NdFeB magnet is mainly made of Neodymium, Iron and Boron, with excellent magnetic property, abundant raw material and reasonable prices, NdFeB Magnet can be used as an ideal magnet in mini-motor, permanent magnetic resonance, sound device magnetic suspension system, magnetic transmission machine and iatrical apparatus and etc.

For NdFeB, its surface is usually treatd with some special methods. The surface treatment method include Zine, Nickel, Tin, Phosphor and Spray Epoxy Resin etc.
Abnormity NdFeB Magnet is Mainly composed of iron, neodymium, boron and many other rare earth elements, NdFeB magnets enjoy the strongest magnetic force up to today. For their high remanence, high corrective force, high energy product, reasonable price/performance ratio and availability to different dimensions, they are especially suitable to the research and development of light and compact products with high performance.

Sintered rare earth magnets are manufactured by a powder metallurgical process which involves the sintering of powder compacts under vacuum. Magnets may be produced in large blocks for subsequent processing, or as tailor made components made die pressing. Coatings may be applied depending on the expected environment.   

Super-Strength Rare Earth Magnet----Sintered NdFeB magnets, have the characteristics of :

  • Super strong Br Resident induction.Excellent demagnetization resistance capability.

  • Good Price relative to its high magnetic properties.

  • Coating is needed for NdFeB

  • Surface Treatment Method: Type Information
    Metallic Zinc, Nickel, Nickel+Nickel, Copper+Nickel, Nickel+Copper+Nickel,
    Gold, Organic Epoxy, Nickel+Epoxy coating
    Temporary Surface: Passivation

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