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Model XCE-60 Magnetic Strip Extruder

Combining foreign advanced technology, our company developed model XCE-60 magnetic strip extruder for producing strip used as refrigerator door-seal. The machine is newly designed, easy to maintain, it has suitable structure, work reliable. The production is automatic, productivity, and high quality. By this machine, about 10,000 meters magnetic strip (section 9X2mm2 and 10x2mm2) could be produced per day. The production process is entirely automatic, extruding, magnetizing and rolling can be done at the same time. The machine is suitable for new built, expanding and reforming factories. 

Main technical data

1.screw diameter                   60mm

2. length: diameter                  9

3.compress ratio                    1.39

4.screw stem rolling speed    0-24r/min

5.extruding motor power       11kw

6.traction motor power          0.75kw

7.rolling motor power            0.55kw                             

8.heating power                     2.9kw

9.hopper mixing power         1.14kw

10.magnetizing power          10kw

11.cooling water quantity      0.6m3/h

12.heating temperature controlled range   0-120 weight                    about 3000kg

14.occupie ground area              5000X2000mm2 

The machine consists four parts: the main machine, temperature control cabinet, traction-cooling-rolling unit and magnetizing control cabinet. The rolling speed of the screw and the temperature of the screw cylinder is set and controlled by the main control cabinet. During production, the granular material is first extruded to strip, then it is guided to the traction-cooling-rolling unit to be cooled and rolled. The magnetizing cabinet is used to control the traction, rolling and magnetizing of the strip. Operator is only required to add material and take out the final product. The other processes are all automatic. 

In order to ensure the stableness and reliable of the machine, the vulnerable parts such as screw and screw sleeve are all made of special treated special material, thus the service life is extended effectively. The key parts of the machine such as condenser, thyristor, temperature control instrument, frequency convert motor and negative booster are selected from Chinese famous manufacturers. So the quality of the machine is ensured.      


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