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Hard ferrite (ceramic) magnets were developed in the 1960's as a low cost alternative to metallic magnets. Even though they exhibit low energy (compared with other permanent magnet materials) and are relatively brittle and hard, ferrite magnets have won wide acceptance due to their good resistance to demagnetization, excellent corrosion resistance and low price per pound. In fact, measured by weight, ferrite represents more than 75 percent of the world magnet consumption. It is the first choice for most types of DC motors, magnetic separators, magnetic resonance imaging and automotive


Hard ferrite magnets are manufactured to rigid magnetic and physical standards which normally exceed Magnetic Materials Producers Association (MMPA) standards.

The chemical composition is SrO-6(Fe2O3), strontium hexaferrite. The raw materials used to produce ferrite magnets are strontium carbonate and iron oxide both of which are readily available and low in cost. As a result, the use of ferrite magnets in most applications is more economical than other materials.

Ferrite magnets are formed by compaction in dedicated, multi-cavity dies followed by sintering in high temperature furnaces. This produces a hard, brittle part that requires diamond wheels for grinding to close tolerances. While physically quite strong, these magnets should not be considered a structural member in an assembly. And like most ceramics, they are brittle and should be handled so as to avoid chipping and cracking.
Temperature variation can result in both reversible and irreversible changes in magnetization. A reversible change occurs at the rate of approximately -0.2% per degree centigrade. That is, as temperature rises above ambient, induction (Br) will decrease. Coercivity, a measure of resistance to demagnetization, changes at a rate of about 0.27% per degree centigrade. As temperature rises, a ferrite magnet will increase in coercivity!

Irreversible changes can result from exposure to very low temperatures, and the magnetic quality is restored only by re-magnetization. Irreversible changes can be avoided by providing an adequate permanence coefficient.

Permanent ferrite magnet is made of Sro or Bao and Fe2O3 by ceramic processing technology, now, we have 6 models of permanent magnet products, namely Y10T, Y20, Y25, Y30, Y30BH, Y35 and etc. The products include rings, disks, blocks, and segments.

Ferrite magnet is Made by means of powder metallurgy. Its chemical composition: Ba/Sro-Fe2O3.Hard to be de-magnetized, with good anti-corrosion property. The products are make in the shapes of circular, cylinder, square, tile-type. Widely used for magnetic electro-machinery, loudspeaker products, micro electro-machinery, household appliance, electronic acoustics equipment, copycat, magnetic motor equipment, culture and education tools and magnetic treatment equipment.
Hard Ferrite (ceramic) magnets, composed of barium or strontium, were developed in the early 1960's as an alternative to the more expensive metallic magnets.
This class of magnet is very hard, brittle and possesses lower energy characteristics compared to other magnetic materials. However, it is very popular and widely used because of its excellent resistance to demagnetizaion, corrosion, and the advantageous pricing.
Ferrite magnets are manufactured by pressing, sintering, or injection molding. These magnets can be both anisotropic and isotropic. Anisotropic grades are oriented in the manufacturing direction and must be magnetized in the direction of orientation. Isotropic grades are not oriented and can be magnetized in any direction.


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