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XT series Tesla Meter

XT series Tesla Meter

XHT series Tesla Meter XT series Tesla Meter

XHT series Tesla Meter

XZ series Tesla Meter


XZ series Tesla Meter XZ series Tesla Meter

Flux Meter


 XZ Series Gauss meter products which is used in both AC and DC field.
As a specialized handheld gauss meter, it is a magnetic field test equipment which has been designed for on-site testing.
It could test the surface field of permanent materials and working magnetic field of DC motor, amplifier, magnetic separator and permanent de-ironing separator.
It also could be used in the measurement of remnant magnetism of mechanical processing, magnetic polarity, remnant demagnetizing field of products, to control the magnetic condition of electroplating staffs and test the motor magnetism, leakage of electromagnetic field and AC space field.

Small and light, easy to take, could meet all kind of on-site test requirements.

·Less power dissipation and power save design, with longer life battery, could be used more than 50 hours continuously.

·Equipment would shut down when no operation over 40 seconds, which could extend the lifetime of battery.

·It could test both DC and AC magnetic field.

·DC field polarity judgement function.

·One-click Quick automatic zero adjustment.

·Users can select the transverse and longitudinal probes accordingly.

The most common tesla meter are based on the induction principle and consist of an inductance coil and an electrical measuring instrument. When a change occurs in the magnetic flux linkage between the inductance coil and the magnetic field whose induction is to be determined, an electromotive force, which is measured by the instrument, is generated in the coil. In constant magnetic fields the flux linkage changes as a result of linear displacement, rotation, or vibration of the inductance coil; in variable magnetic fields the change in flux linkage results from a change in the magnitude and direction of the field. Fluxmeters are used as the measuring instruments in the case of constant fields; voltmeters, oscillographs, and other such devices are used in the case of variable fields.
Tesla meter are used to measure the horizontal and vertical components of the geomagnetic field intensity vector—for example, in magnetic mapping and geological prospecting. They are also employed in research on magnetism, particularly for measuring the magnetic fields of the planets in the solar system and of the interplanetary medium.


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