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                                  Magnetic Lifter                                                                                         Magnetic Lifter -1


                            Magnetic Lifter - A                                                                                          Magnetic Lifter - B


                                 Magnetic Lifter - C                                                                                    Magnetic Lifter - D


                             Magnetic Lifter - E

permanent magnetic lifter has strong magnetic path produced by NdFeB magnet. On and off of the magnetic path is controlled by turning the manual handle. The lifters have the features of strong attraction, smaller volume, lighter weight, powerful lifting effort, easy and safe to operate ,long-period effort and without power supply. They are been used to lift and transport the steel and iron for factories, docks, ware houses, transportation etc.    

Operating guide        

Permanent magnet lifting devices: suction lifting devices, also known as permanent magnet, magnetic crane, magnetic lifting devices, lifting magnets, permanent lifting magnets, permanent magnet and so on. Small in size, strength retention stronger, remanence close to zero, the characteristics of higher safety factor.

Magnetic lifters are designed for material handling and provide a lightweight and cost-effective means of transporting ferrous material. Magnetic lifters, such as Ceramic (Ferrite), hold workloads securely without the need for slings, clamps, or other holding devices. Surface condition, material thickness, surface finish, and weight of the workload are factors that will affect the overall performance of lifting magnets, such as Ceramic (Ferrite). It is important to keep these factors in mind while selecting the right magnetic lifter for you. Please refer to the application and safety notes for each respective magnetic lifter for safe operation

Features: Lightly and ingeniously structured, easy for application, strong magnetic Attraction power and safe in handling.

●  what is the Magnet Lifter?
Sucker, also known as permanent or permanent lifting magnet. Magnet sucker is the use of the continuity of flux superposition principle and design of the magnetic field, permanent magnet circuit design into multiple sucker's magnetic system, through the magnetic lines relative motion, to achieve the work surface magnetic field strength of the additive or cancellation to achieve the retention and unloading purposes.

●  Magnet Lifter applications
Sucker is a high-performance permanent magnet NdFeB rare earth materials (N> 40) as the core, hand-pulled by suction cup handle rotation, thus changing the sucker within the NdFeB magnetic system to move the workpiece on the need for retention or release. Mechanical plant, mold factory, forging factory, steel mills, shipyards, and so place the necessary use of steel handling tools, can greatly improve the block, cylinder-shaped, sheet metal, steel material permeability irregular handling efficiency.








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