Magnetic motor coil 



STD001 AG50

STD002 CG4 pole



STD003 AG100

XCD004 HM 6 pole foot



STD005 GY6-110J

STD006 50T-6



STD007 C100-6

STD008 HM 6 pole



STD009 HM 6 pole DC

STD010 HM 6 pole electric


  • Overall diameter:112mm
  • Center inner diameter: 54mm
  • Mounting Bolts Spacing: 55mm (center to center)
  • Stator: 18coils
  • Plugs: 3pins

Magnetic motor is divided into AC ignition and DC ignition: DC ignition And it is made up of rotor and stator. has two groups of coils, a group of charging coil, a set of trigger coil. AC ignition has three groups of coils, one is the charging coil, the two is the ignition coil, the three is the trigger coil.

Charging coil is to provide power for the vehicle, the ignition coil is to provide power for the ignition, the trigger coil is to provide a pulse signal to the ignition.


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